Data Refinery Box

Regardless of the format. Internal and external. No matter the source. Whether it's financing, investing, or paying. For your customers, your employees, and your management: datalevel's Data Refinery Box unifies your financial data.

Data Provisioning

• Ingestion, aggregation & transformation of data and automated redistribution to 3rd parties  

Tax Services

• Domestic & International Tax Reports
• Country specific forms
• FTA Reclaim Service        

Wealth Management Services

• Performance calculation
• Securities accounting
• Reporting
• Monitoring / Screening
• Consolidated asset view        

Data Quality

Data loaded into the DRB passes automated quality & consistency checks before being used for any services & throughout the product lifecycle.

Data Reusability

Data is stored in the DRB in a generic format until the last possible moment to facilitate multiple use cases. 

Data Traceability

For all our end products, data sources, transformations & amendments need to be fully traceable

Single Source of Truth

With the SSOT approach, we pursue the goal of providing a valid and verified data basis for all further process steps.