Into the future with datalevel

TaxLevel became datalevel in mid 2019. The name reflects our strategic reorientation: datalevel is the consequent continuation and expansion of what we can do and have been doing successfully for years.

With our Data Refinery Box we offer the finance and banking industry a wide range of innovative solutions, in addition to taxes:







datalevel uses the possibilities of Big Data and networking. We integrate and connect different data sources. Transparent and traceable at all times. Because if you get more out of the available data, you make more of your opportunities. This applies to taxes. This applies to all banking businesses.

datalevel is therefore not just our new trademark. It indicates a departure into the future. And for what we do with your data in collaboration with you.

A powerful story

TaxLevel is the idea of refining data from different sources into consistent, comprehensible, meaningful information in the area of taxes. Today, renowned universal and private banks, family offices and asset managers rely on our products and services.

A new vision emerged from the cooperation for demanding customers in a sensitive environment: to use the existing data for the entire bank, for all transactions. At the origin of our solutions are therefore not more taxes, but your data - that's why TaxLevel has developed into datalevel.

Our claim to support you in the new realities of banking with the help of tailor-made information remains unchanged. That is and remains our DNA. Even a new name will not change that.

A strong team

Our FinTech start-up datalevel has a long footprint in the financial and software industry. The difference, however, is the minds behind datalevel: independent, innovative and disruptive like our software and services, they have profound know-how. Their many years of experience in all strategic and operational matters form a solid basis for the next step into the future of our company and our solutions.

Wolfgang Millat

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Manfred Köhl

Vice Chairman of the Board

Reinhard K. Stary

Strategic Advisor

Yves Fischli

Strategic Advisor

Peter Strittmatter

CTO, Board Member

Mattis Deisen

Senior Software Engineer / Partner

André Murer

Web developer

Daniel Martinelli

Daniel Martinelli

Senior Consultant

Claudio Donat

Computer Scientist / Application Development

Solid basis. Strong future.

TaxLevel AG was founded in 2017 by Peter Strittmatter and Wolfgang Millat. The joint history of the two founders goes back much further: as independent IT specialists and project managers, they have been helping to shape the financial industry since 2004 and 2006 respectively, and have acquired a broad range of expertise.

In the context of these many years of activity as consultants, they have primarily supported processes in the tax environment. The knowledge gained from this motivated Peter and Wolfgang to develop their own tax solution and to found TaxLevel AG.

The next milestone in the young history of FinTech followed in 2019: Based on our established software, we are expanding our range of products and services to all financial areas. Thanks to our Data Refinery Box you have access to uniform data from various internal and external sources. About the software for the efficient strategic and operative management of your company, for the implementation of your visions. Everything else is history. Now it is time for the future under a new name: datalevel.