Transparent pricing for Swiss E-tax statements

(April 2023) datalevel - The newly launched price calculator allows financial intermediaries to calculate the service costs for producing Swiss E-tax statements, based on complexity factors and order volume. A unit price per statement and period applies, regardless of the number of portfolios and positions.

The service costs include the initial and annual certification with the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK), where datalevel has been recognized as a provider for several years. Adjustments to the E-government standard underlying the E-tax statement are taken into account, and we take care of the technical development. Highest automation, comprehensive and intelligent processes for analysis and tax-compliant treatment of corporate actions, cancellations, reinvesting fund income are enabled by our Data Refinery Box (DRB) for highest quality and traceability. The current price information of the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) is automatically integrated into the process. 

Whether you are a bank, asset manager, investment platform provider, or robo-advisor: Our long-standing expertise enables you to focus on your core business. The initial onboarding requires minimal engagement of your IT resources. So save time, nerves, and costs and trust us with this process. 

You dont offer E-tax statements to your customers yet? Offer them now! 

Already implemented it? Check your potential savings and quality improvements with our price calculator! 

Either way, there is a good reason to talk to us!